Forest bathing in the Cotswolds

Forest bathing - let's make it second nature!

Welcome to forest bathing in the Cotswolds and South West. My name is Sharon and I am an accredited Forest Bathing Guide and Founder of Forest Mind. I have been walking the woods and forests around me for decades, connecting with nature and making it part of who I am and I promise there's no water involved!

Feel the sense of connection with the forest

With the constant use of technology, we are forgetting how to mindfully connect with those around us. My guided Forest Bathing sessions allow space to find and connect our shared emotions in a natural and sensory way.

Originating in Japan in the 1980's, Shinrin Yoku, literally translated as Forest Bathing, is a natural therapy for mental and physical balance. It is like a bridge. By connecting and bathing all our senses, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world. And this harmony is when we begin to heal. Our minds and bodies are no longer out of balance with nature but fully in tune with it and we are both restored and refreshed.  

Bathe Your Senses

The sense of smell - the fragrance of the trees is wonderful and relaxing.

The sense of sight - beautiful changing colours in a glorious woodland landscape.

The sense of hearing - listen to the soundscape, the birdsong, the wind in the branches, the rustle of wildlife and the orchestra of insects.

The sense of touch - stroking the different textures of the trees and giving them a good hug really makes you feel alive.

The sense of taste - safely foraging food in the forest really connects you but also breathing through an open mouth and tasting the air is amazing.

My two hour sessions involve gentle walking, poetry reading, and several sensory based forest activities (invitations) to discover peace in nature.

 You will feel stresses and strains evaporate as your body and mind recover and reconnect to nature in the beautiful woodland environment, becoming fully aware of your healing surroundings.

What are you waiting for? Come walk with me and get that dose of  Vitamin N(ature). Leave the World Wide Web behind and enter the Wood Wide Web!

Immersing all of your senses in the calming forest atmosphere This fabulous magnifying loupe is always in my pocket Inside a 250 year old oak tree

Forest Mind Cotswolds forest bathing sessions

  • £20 per person, including mint tea and home-made cake! 
  • Forest bathing is the immersion of your senses - there's no water involved!
  • A secure link to make payment will be sent to you or I can supply my bank details 
  • Please wear walking shoes or boots, and a weather appropriate coat or jacket
  • Sorry, dogs cannot accompany us on these sessions
  • Full payment on booking please, to secure your place. Refunds given up to fourteen days before the event but date transfer is preferable 
  • *Corporate/Spa rate available*

In all things nature, there is something of the marvellous

- Aristotle

What path will you take this week? Find a tree that you connect with. Close your eyes and reach skyward. Sit down in the roots of a tree, breathing deeply and connecting with the ground.

Accredited forest bathing guide cotswolds


"I have walked many times over the years with Sharon but not mindfully or really aware of nature. Always in it but not necessarily connected to it.

We walked through the woods and Sharon invited me to take time to listen to my surroundings. To both stand and sit quietly and be aware of the noises of nature. She allowed me time to focus on the singing bird on the branch and the buds that are showing us that spring is on its way.

We took time over some sensory led activities which involved really concentrating on all my senses but I particularly noticed the smells of the woods. The fresh dug earth of a badger and the scratchings of animals I don’t know.

She invited me to stand inside a scooped out oak tree and investigate things through a loupe lens, opening up a whole new world.

The time spent with her in mindful walking has made me more appreciative of our walks. It was a walk I will remember and I am grateful for her awakening a new way of spending time in nature. Even on walks now on my own I am more observant of the things around me and more relaxed as a consequence."

"I hugged a tree, something I’ve never done before but will certainly be doing in the future. The grounding sensation it gave me was magical.’ Thank you to Sharon for being such a wonderful forest bathing guide. I enjoyed every moment and can’t wait for next time".

"I started my weekend with the lovely Forest Mind and a small group of lovely ladies. I arrived a little bit stressed from a busy week and some minor health issues and after two hours mindful and quality time spent in nature and beautiful woodland I walked out relaxed, calm and utterly content! I cannot recommend it enough and your central nervous system will be benefitting so much."

"A wonderful morning spent with nature in a magical forest led by Sharon who made the whole experience a truly memorable one. I felt relaxed, calm and invigorated afterwards and still can't quite believe I hugged a tree and now can't wait to hug another!"

"Thanks for such a lovely morning on Saturday, Sharon! It was wonderful to be immersed in the beauty of nature and feel completely at ease.  

P.S. practised some mindful walking on my dog walk yesterday afternoon and the dog looked at me like I was crazy!  It made me slow down and notice what was around me though! X"